My Auto The Best Auto Organizer

My Auto – The best auto organizer

Publish Date: May 16, 2019
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My Auto – The best auto organizer — this application will allow you to keep a convenient account and analysis of the costs of your personal car. You can also go to the official website of the application and use your personal account, which will allow you to conveniently work with data on your computer.

Basic possibilities:

  • Keeping records of several vehicles;
  • Distribution of costs for Refueling, Washing, Maintenance, Repair and much more;
  • Record in the car service and estimate the cost of work directly from the application;
  • Keeping records of combined fuel (gas + gasoline);
  • The calculation of the fuel consumption and the cost of 1 km of track;
  • Storage of documents for the car together with scan copies;
  • Reminders of events: Planned MAINTENANCE, repair, Insurance and others;
  • Automatic calculation of tire mileage. Storage of information on tires and wheels.
  • Backup data storage during registration.

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