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Mathway is an application for Android that gives you the ability to find answers for various tasks from such disciplines as mathematics, algebra, statistics, chemistry, and trigonometry.

Mathway Interface How it works

The app provides you with the opportunity to solve almost any equation. There are all necessary symbols available to type in. Answers are generated by artificial intelligence and are most certainly correct.

Mathway can be very useful for school and university students. It does not have answers and learning material for exams like Merination but it helps you to solve any task in real time.

There is even the opportunity to take a photo of your notebook and highlight the equation you have to solve. The app will automatically analyze it and give you the answer. 

Moreover, it not only shows you the result but explains the process of solving step by step. It can be very helpful to improve your knowledge and understand something complicated.


  • provides you with the opportunity to solve difficult equations with the help of artificial intellect;
  • there are multiple school and university disciplines supported;
  • it is possible to take a photo of the notebook and make the app to solve a certain task;
  • free download for Android.
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