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MagTapp is an application for Android that provides you with access to the web browser that has extended functionality.

Magtapp Interface Browsing the internet

The app gives you the ability to visit various websites from your smartphone. It is quite similar to other popular utilities such as Microsoft Edge. However, MagTapp has many more functions available.

Besides basic tools for browsing, the app provides you with the ability to use the image dictionary. It allows you to search for visual meanings of different words.

Moreover, there is the opportunity to open and edit various documents straight in the interface of the application. MagTapp supports such formats as PDF, DOC, PPT as well as others.

The utility also gives you the ability to translate words and sentences from one language to another. It can be very helpful while visiting foregin sites.

It is also possible to enable the reading mode. In this case, nothing will distract you from the browser as the app blocks all notifications.


  • gives you the opportunity to browse the internet from your smartphone;
  • there are a lot of additional tools available for users;
  • it is possible to translate word or search for their visual meaning;
  • free download for Android.
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