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LeaveHomeSafe is an Android application developed by the Hong Kong government. It helps to track contacts with people who have a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus in this region.

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The app is a convenient digital tool for recording visits to various public places. The mobile utility sends a notification to users who have been in the same venue as a person who later tested positive for coronavirus.

LeaveHomeSafe works as follows. When visiting a venue or using a taxi, you need to scan the QR code. The utility will keep these data encrypted. The visit information is valid for 31 days.

People who have received a positive test report the confirmed result anonymously. According to their visit schedule, notifications are sent to users who were in the same place at about the same time.

The messages contain information on possible contact as well as specific health recommendations. In other words, the functions are aimed at controlling the spread of the disease and taking care of the well being.

During the pandemic, many similar apps were developed for specific countries. For example, there are COVID Tracker Ireland and COVID Alert NY.


  • notifications about potential COVID19 exposure;
  • specific recommendations for prevention;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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Android 4.1+
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