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Last version: 5.9.2

JibJab – an entertainment application for Android that allows users to take selfies and create funny GIFs. There are a lot of stickers and funny videos in the catalogue.

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Funny GIFs

Users can instal this popular utility and create funny GIFs and short videos. As mentioned above, JibJab has various templates, ecards and videos for your own projects. You are able to take selfies of yourself and make creative memes. Later, these GIFs can be shared with friends via social media or messengers, for example Telegram.

The app provides a simple way of creating GIFs. First, you have to allow JibJab access to the camera of your mobile device. Once you have taken a selfie, it is possible to add visual effects. There are thematic cards for various events as well as funny videos which you can use.

One of JibJab’s advantages over its analogues is its accessibility. The utility provides most content for free without any subscription. In addition, there are no persuasive advertisements that may bother you.


  • a entertainment app for making funny GIFs and short videos;
  • possibility of sharing your own projects with friends;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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