Fitness RPG Gamify Your Pedometer

Fitness RPG – Gamify Your Pedometer

Publish Date: July 14, 2019
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Fitness RPG – Gamify Your Pedometer — an interesting role-playing project with a colorful graphical interface from the developer Studio “Shikudo”. This time the story will be about the magical world, which is on the verge of complete destruction because of the dark forces, which in turn decided to take it completely under their control. And players will need to act as a brave warrior who will take the fate of the world into their own hands and try to solve all the problems as quickly as possible, and defeat the dangerous invaders. But for this, gamers will need their own team of soldiers who will be willing to risk their lives for the sake of victory and peace on the planet. And also, you have to come up with a very good battle tactics, which would help you to be always one step ahead of the enemy and with minimal losses to win all in its path until all the dark forces die.

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