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FAX PLUS is an easy fax service for Android devices. This app allows users to send, receive and store documents securely.

Fax Plus Inbox

Modern take

The utility enables you to send faxes without the fax machine or a landline phone. You can conveniently use it from anyplace and whenever you need it. It is possible to import the documents from the device memory as well as cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Additionally, you may scan the physical papers with your phone camera. The system automatically detects and crops the borders of the document. It also corrects the perspective, which is not possible with photographing.

There is an option of adding your signature and checkmarks electronically into your document before sending. You may sign the papers on your display before faxing them without the need of printing the pages.

Moreover, you have the possibility to receive a fax to your mobile device as well. For instance, users may get a dedicated number they may share. After that, notifications pop up when the message is in the inbox for you. The service works in 40 countries.


  • adding an electronic signature to the documents;
  • scanner with perspective correctness;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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