Star Walk 2 Sky Guide View Stars Day And Night

Star Walk 2 – Sky Guide: View Stars Day and Night

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Star Walk 2 Sky Guide View Stars Day And Night

The description

Star Walk 2 app for free download – is a high-quality interactive guide to the stars. Thanks to him, you can learn a lot about celestial bodies.


Contemporaries know very little about astronomy. Therefore, for example, only a few can answer the question of how far Mars is from Earth or how the so-called brightest star is.

These are basic astronomical postulates with which everyone should be familiar. However, fortunately, now astronomy can be studied without a pile of boring textbooks. With this application, you can find out a lot of information about the starry sky.

Thanks to technological progress, scientists have found a lot of interesting information. Therefore, for example, you can figure out the distance between the planets, find out how much they weigh, and so on. All you need to do is simply lift your mobile device to the sky.

After that, you will get “access” to thousands of comets, stars, and many, many other celestial bodies. It is noteworthy that the demonstrated part of the sky will not be chosen by chance. It depends on your current location.

The application has simple and convenient interfaces. All key functions are available even in the free version. In-game purchases are mainly aimed at additional decor and special effects.

Main advantages

  • A huge amount of thematic information.
  • Beautiful three-dimensional models.
  • Many celestial objects.
  • The ability to manage time.
  • Amazing sound.

Star Walk 2 APK for Android is a cognitive application for those who care about the world around them. Your device will turn into a powerful telescope and a detailed encyclopedia – you can view planets and stars, and also learn a lot about the structure of space. To unlock features such as viewing volumetric models of constellations, you will need a hacked version of the application.

How it works?

The accelerometer of your mobile device tracks the position in space, and the application displays images of the part of the sky to which you directed your device. It turns out something like a digital telescope.


In addition to viewing the starry sky map in real time, encyclopedic information about space is available in the application: you can find out, for example, about the structure of the sun or constellations. You can also look at the sky in different spectra to view cosmic phenomena that are not visible to the naked eye. You can zoom in on an interesting patch of sky to view the most distant stars. You can also look at the volumetric models of constellations. These and other features will have the full version of Star Walk 2 Astronomy Guide APK.

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