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Last version: 4.88.2

Duolingo is an application for Android that allows you to learn new languages on your smartphone.

Duolingo Interface Main functions

The app teaches users foreign languages. There are a lot of examples and sound samples from native speakers. It is possible to have lessons every day. You can memorize words and sentences as well as understand various grammar rules.

Duolingo allows you to repeat information in the form of a game. It helps to memorize a large amount of useful data. 

There are multiple programs available depending on your level of knowledge. Beginners start with the basics, but more experienced users can choose something more difficult.

The utility has a reward system that motivates all new learners. Once you complete a certain number of tasks, you get a virtual prize and access the next level. If a person does not exercise for a long time, the app will alert him or her with a notification.

It is also possible to use such applications as U Dictionary to translate new words while learning a language with Duolingo.


  • this app gives you the opportunity to learn new languages;
  • it is possible to have lessons every day;
  • there are multiple levels of difficulty for users;
  • free download for Android.
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