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Last version: 1.0-2020-10-10

DiskDigger is an application for Android that allows you to restore images that you have accidentally deleted from the memory of your phone.

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You can start using available features straight after you have installed the app. It is possible to perform a fast basic scan and find photos that were deleted recently. 

Once it is completed, you can choose what pictures you need to recover, and they will be saved back to the internal memory of your device. 

Moreover, you are allowed to upload them to various cloud services such as Dropbox or share with someone via the messenger you usually use. 

There is also the ability to perform a full scan if a certain image was deleted a long time ago. However, you will need root access for this. This app does not provide you with it, so it is necessary to install additional software for this purpose. For example, you can use DingDong Root or other analogues. 

Furthermore, there is an option that allows you to completely wipe the free space of your device. If you do this, any files that have been deleted before become no longer accessible. 


  • gives you the ability to recover any image file that has been deleted before;
  • it is possible to perform a basic or full scan with extended functionality;
  • there is the opportunity to wipe the free space and delete old photos for good;
  • free download for Android.
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