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Last version: 2.118

Depop – an application for Android which provides you with access to a popular trading platform. Users can buy various items as well as sell their own stuff and earn money.

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The app is a large trading platform where users can buy and sell various clothes. You have the opportunity to place ads and earn money while selling your own stuff. Aside from clothes, it is also possible to find accessories, shoes and other items.

At the beginning, you have to allow Depop access to your current location. Moreover, it is necessary to choose several brands and styles of clothes you are looking for. Thus, you can check the relevant offers and try to search for the sellers or buyers nearby.

Depop allows you to save favorite items and share them with friends via social media or messengers. There is a section with personal feed where you usually get recommendations that might be interesting. Aside from that, you can explore new clothes and via the search bar navigate through the pages.


  • like letgo this app offers users to earn money while selling their own clothes;
  • you can find products from popular brands such as Adidas and Nike;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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