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Credit Karma – an Android application that offers users to take control of their credit. It is possible to manage a banking account and get credit card recommendations.

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The app allows you to check your current credit scores and get approval from the bank. You can manage your financial status and receive personal recommendations. It is possible to apply for buying various items as well as purchasing a home. Speaking of the latter, if you are looking for houses or apartments available in the USA, you have the opportunity to download Zillow.

It is worth noting that users can keep their savings and make a deposit. Thus, you will find out how much you are likely to earn and get benefits regularly. By the way, the process of creating an account is quite fast. At the beginning you have to enter your name and email address.

Moreover, Credit Karma helps you make financial progress. You can check the factors that may affect the growth of your credit scores. Thus, it is easier to get the approval from the bank.


  • possibility of finding out your credit score and receiving recommendations;
  • service allows you to make a deposit and earn money with your savings;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • full compatibility with current Android versions.
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