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The description

The program TeamSpeak 3 appeared on the PC for more than 10 years ago, and to date has been glorified among fans of multiplayer games. Unlike other programs for group communication, TeamSpeak 3 allows you not to clutter up the background, speaking only when you press a certain button. Now this program was released on Android, so don’t try to find better options, use the oldest and the honest one Teamspeak APK!

Do you want to play online toys with friends, but do not know how to keep in touch with everyone at once, in order to be distracted by the written chat is long and inconvenient? Use TeamSpeak 3!


What is the difference Teamspeak 3 APK? As a connection? In the ability to add multiple people to a conference without restrictions? Yes, but not only. As experienced gamers know, the beauty of TeamSpeak 3 is that you can only speak when you press a certain key (you can customize any).

Thus, the conference is not littered with extraneous sounds, when someone goes to the kitchen to eat and forgets to turn off the microphone, or someone has a child playing from the conference (surely, you know how loud children can be) the cat asks at the door (your interlocutor may be used to this meow, but not you). In a word, TeamSpeak 3 will be a real find for those who want to conduct “clean” conference dialogs, where everyone can hear each other.


As noted above, full TeamSpeak 3 application is designed for audio communication. You can talk to the other person alone or create group audio chats. The application on Android has the same functionality. In addition, the same design! The visual component just does not have to taste aesthetes. The interface looks sad – in the spirit of 2005 or earlier.

This version of the client is based on the modified TeamSpeak for Android client. The modification is that when the client connects, the server thinks that you are connecting to the Windows client version 3.0.19.

To start chatting, you just need to download this client (for free) and connect with your friends to a public voice server or create your own server for communication.

Thanks to the function of optimizing the transmission of voice messages, the program allows you to communicate effectively without loss of sound quality, without consuming much network traffic.

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Category Communication
Latest Version 3.2.6
Publish Date 07.06.2019
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