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CO Exposure Notifications is an application for Android that helps to fight with coronavirus. It gives you the ability to protect yourself from COVID 19 infection.

Co Exposure Notifications Interface Functionality

The app is developed by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. So it works properly only in the eponymous state of the USA. Regional limitations are common for such utilities. For example, NHS COVID 19 is available only for citizens of the United Kingdom.

CO Exposure Notifications requires you to provide access to the current location of your device. Moreover, it is necessary to turn the Bluetooth on, so the app could function properly.

The application immediately notifies you when you contact an infected person. There is also the ability to upload the results of your test and warn other people if you have coronavirus. 

It is worth noting that the app is completely anonymous. Other users do not have access to your personal information. They only get notifications about dangerous contact.


  • provides you with the ability to stop the spread of COVID 19;
  • you can get notified in the case of contact with an infected person;
  • there is the ability to warn other people if you have a positive test result;
  • free download for Android.
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