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Last version: 2.1.2

Cloud Earning PHT is an Android application for earning a mobile only cryptocurrency called Phoneum. Users can stake up their PHT to get a decent percentage in return.

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Crypto economy

This application works with Phoneum, a blockchain peer to peer cryptocurrency. The utility offers an easy way for users to earn some money regardless of their technical knowledge and skills.

In order to begin, every user should be registered in the system. Additionally, you need to have some coins you are willing to stake. After the initial deposit, users can start earning with a single tap. Further, it is not necessary to keep the app running. Blockchain technology handles everything in a cloud.

One cycle takes seven days. Conveniently, there are notifications to start the next round when the current one is over. At any time you can open Cloud Earning PHT to check your balance and average income statistics. Additionally, the application displays the current market price, trading history and other useful information.

It is worth noting that the liquidity of Phoneum is very low. Although it is possible to trade this crypto, none of the large platforms like Binance has listed it.


  • easy mining of PHT;
  • grants up to 5 percent monthly;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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Android 5.0+
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