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Calm – a popular Android application for meditation. Users can sleep well, relax during free time and relieve stress as well.

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To begin with, it is quite a popular app that helps people meditate and relax. There is the opportunity to reduce stress, improve performance at work, develop gratitude and even increase happiness. In other words, users can build self esteem and enjoy their lifestyle as much possible.

It is worth noting that Calm provides spiritual development as users are able to improve their mental health. If you are planning to increase your productivity and train your body, it is possible to download S Health.

There is an online library full of musical tracks that let you concentrate on your activities or sleep well at night. Moreover, you can also have access to special daily meditation practices.

However, most of the content in Calm is only available after you purchase a premium subscription. You have to make a payment via your credit card to fully start using this application without any limitations.


  • users can meditate and relax to reduce stress and anxiety;
  • there are personal recommendations based on your problems and wishes;
  • the app is free to download and use;
  • full compatibility with current Android versions.
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