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Last version: 3.7.4

Blueheart Therapy is an application for Android that can help you to improve sex life and cure various psychological issues.

Blueheart Therapy Home Treatment

The app is available for free but you are required to create a personal profile to use it. There is a long series of questions at the beginning. You have to specify what issues you have and what you think about them.

Based on your answers the application will generate a special plan for you. You should follow it and complete various tasks every day. It is possible to monitor your progress in the corresponding tab.

You also have the opportunity to invite your partner to the app and use a special profile for pairs. It is possible to share an invitation link via Telegram or other messengers. 

Moreover, there is the ability to browse various content that is connected with sex life and its improvement. You can read articles, watch videos and access other materials. It is also possible to chat with a real psychologist.


  • gives you the opportunity to solve issues in your sex life;
  • you have to answer a lot of question and the app will provide you with the personal plan;
  • there is the ability to invite your partner and experience the therapy together;
  • free download for Android.
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