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BBC Civilisations is an Android application for exploring the history and culture with the modern technology of augmented reality. You can discover ancient treasures of lost worlds or notable pieces from the art collections of museums.

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Arts and culture

This collaborative resource brings museum collections to your mobile device for virtual research and examination with AR. It is possible to view the pieces in your living room in the realistic scale to compare the size to other objects.

You can look closer at Egyptian mummy or Renaissance masterpieces, as well as find out details about the artifacts, their origins and authors. There are over 30 cultural treasures from museums, such as The Kiss by Rodin and an ancient Greek Corinthian helmet.

If you are more of a science geek, you may try a similar application about space exploration and moon landing called Apollos Moon Shot AR. Users can enjoy immersive demonstrations of the rocket launch, view interiors of lunar command modules or take a selfie in the spacesuit.


  • tools to move, scale and rotate the pieces from the museum collections;
  • ability to discover hidden secrets inside the artifacts;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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