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Amazon Prime Video is an application for Android that gives you the opportunity to watch various movies and TV series on the screen of your smartphone.

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This app is developed by one of the largest companies in the world. It gives you access to the big collection of entertainment content.

You can use this utility only if you have purchased a paid subscription. However, you can check out how it works during the free trial period.

There are various topical categories that you can browse and find something interesting to watch. It is also possible to get personal recommendations based on your tastes.

The library of the app has a lot of popular titles from different genres. Moreover, there is exclusive content that is available only for users of this utility. It reminds of HBO Max and other famous streaming services.

You can also broadcast movies to the screen of your TV with the help of this app. You only need a WiFi connection to do it. 

There is a unique function called X ray as well. With it, you can pause a video and get detailed data about an actor who is currently on the screen.


  • you can watch various entertainment content;
  • it is necessary to purchase a subscription;
  • there is exclusive content available for users;
  • free download for Android.
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