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1Password is a passkey manager that stores your confidential data. The utility is designed for users of Android devices.

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The app provides the ability to securely store passwords from social media and cards, as well as other tools that protect your confidential information from hacking. Sticky Password has the same features.

The main security requirement for your data is the master password you use every time you enter the utility. It should be quite complex, and you have to remember it. So, you only need to memorize one single code.

You can save the login and password from all social networks, credit cards and websites. In short, users add the data they need. By the way, 1Password has the option of generating complex codes. When you register on any resource, you may provide a code creation to the app. Thus, you will have reliable security and all data will be automatically saved.

1Password offers the chance to share login and passwords, bank card data and much more with the most important people for you. It means that if necessary you may always send information to your family without worrying about safety.


  • audit of passwords;
  • the ability to store any confidential data, such as the scanning of sensitive documents;
  • the app is free to download;
  • compatibility with actual Android versions.
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