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Publish Date: May 20, 2017
Updated Date: February 24, 2019 in 7:51 pm
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The game that we are talking about here is known as Youtubers life. This particular game can be purchased in the app store for around five hundred and twenty rupees and believe the fact that this game is worth every penny. Now before getting into the complete details of the game let us look into some of the features of the game to best understand what this game is all about.

Features of The Game Youtubers Life: Similar to all other games that are available in the market as of today, Youtubers life game also has some unique features which make the game really interesting and fun to play. Let us look into some of the features of the game.

  • Firstly one of the basic features of the game is that a player is allowed to customize their own character.
  • The player in this game can edit videos and even do various activities like game, cook and even listen to music inside the game itself.
  • The players can also make money in the game by making videos.
  • The players in the said game are even allowed to manage their own production studio.
  • The players can do various other activities like the search for their love interests and even hang out with their friends including going to parties and also assisting in varied industrial events.
  • Other features of the game include decorating your own place, creating your own network, moving around the house you bought. Players have a choice to even have their own office or mansion.
  • Lastly, the players can also reply to their fan mails with the help of social networking.

These are few of the main features that make this game so popular amongst gamers. Now let us look into the description of this game.

Description: Looking at the features of the said game one can derive that this particular game is a simulation game whereby the player needs to take care of their own character by doing varied activities like we do in our real life including eating, sleeping, studying, working, partying etc. The main objective of the game is to become a successful youtuber having a large audience following you. The aim is to manage and create your very own company network someday. One of the main things that need to be kept in mind about this particular game is that although it is available in the app store for a certain price, the apk file of the game known as Youtubers life free version can also be downloaded. Players looking to play the youtubers life free download version can simply log into their browsers and download the file for free.

Thus from the above description, we can derive safely that youtubers life is an excellent game to try out for any gamer. If a simulation world full of fun is what you are searching for then definitely check out this particular game and you will not be disappointed.

How to install Youtubers Life – Gaming?

Cache for the game Youtubers Life Gaming: the folder from the archive to unpack in /Android/obb/

  • should get so /Android/obb/com.uplayonline.youtubers/
  • size of the decompressed cache 319 MB
  • install the apk, run the game!

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    Best game in the worls

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    I dint get how to do this

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      Kangak bisa masuk GBOLOK yang buat tae bangsat bodo amat anjing kontol

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    Is this games is fun

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    Não joguei ainda mais sempre quis

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