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The description

Ultimate Custom Night or unofficially FNAF 7 is a hit horror series released by Scott Cowton in late 2017. Thanks to fans of Five Night’s At Freddy’s, this game was able to migrate from desktop computers to smartphones. Since official publishers did not deign to take care of adaptation, third-party developers took up the matter. Thanks to them, a quality transfer was carried out with the same graphics and management. The game can be installed both on a smartphone and on a tablet, if the Android version is not less than 4.2, and not more than 7.0.

In Ultimate Custom Night, the number of animatronics has reached 50, and each of them has its own weaknesses that need to be clarified, because at night they will take effect. There is also a setting of artificial intelligence – set the necessary coefficient, and these indicators will be used for all enemies. This is convenience – there is no need to configure each individually. To fully immerse yourself in the gameplay, it is recommended to play on a device with a large screen. This is justified by the fact that the game is full of different little things that you need to pay attention to, as well as interact with them.

Well, the rest of the gameplay is no different from the computer version. The main character sits in the room and controls the cameras. With the onset of night, the guard needs to observe the territory entrusted to him, but suddenly some movement begins there. After that, on one of the cameras an animatronic is suddenly displayed, which needs to be stopped, otherwise it will get to your room and be in trouble.

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Updated 12.06.2020
Category Android
Latest Version 1.0
Publish Date 29.04.2020
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