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The description

Summertime Saga is an exciting game where you have to live a few days from the life of the protagonist. Here, the player is not particularly limited in movement, and can freely move around the city and various institutions. Meet new people, flirt with girls and try to return the hero to a normal life after the death of his father.

Games of this genre are one of the most popular, since the gamer is absolutely not tied to one place during the passage of levels and can freely walk or ride around the city. During the game, you must perform various tasks in order to unlock new levels and characters.

In the Summertime Saga application, the main character tries to live a normal life after the death of his father, who worked in the police. Now mother and sister were left on his shoulders, and they really needed his help and support. But, as you know, time heals, and after several months the hero has to return to normal life and again go to school.

Like most teenagers, he has many personal problems: what college to go to, with whom to go to graduation and other school dilemmas. This toy does not have a clear, concrete line of behavior. You can interact with any passers-by or other heroes that appear on your way.

In his free time, a guy can go to the gym, eat burgers in cafes and do other teenage things. You are absolutely not attached to a specific locality. During the game, it is possible to switch to the “map” view and choose the direction in which you want to move.

Come visit a friend and walk around the city together, or return home and take a swim in the pool. There are a lot of dialogues with mom and school friends. Initially, you will open one location after another, gradually moving throughout the city. In the future, you will be able to freely visit open areas and do what you want.

One of the most interesting moments of the game is the development of a romantic relationship between the hero and his chosen one. It is up to you to decide how their relationship develops and how long the romance will begin. To improve communication skills or your charisma, you can enroll in a variety of courses or participate in battles. This toy has a pretty beautiful realistic graphics and a peculiar plot. Install the Summertime Saga app on your device and live a virtual life with your hero.

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Updated 11.06.2020
Category Android
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Publish Date 25.05.2020
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