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Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Uploaded: July 18, 2017 Updated: February 22, 2018 in 1:32 pm
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Download Street Fighter IV Champion Edition 1.00.00

Take control of 25 world warriors and test your mettle against players from around the world. Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition perfects the winning gameplay formula by offering higher resolution graphics, three new characters (Poison, Ibuki and Dudley) wide screen support for newer iOS devices and a host of updates and refinements. Long time Street Fighter fans can jump into the action and have an instant familiarity with the controls. For more casual players Street Fighter 4 features numerous settings and tutorials that put you on the path to victory.
• Fight as 25 Street Fighter characters (three new characters and six more coming as free updates)
• Higher resolution graphics and wide screen support
• Intuitive virtual pad controls allow players to execute full move sets including Unique Attacks, Special Moves, Focus Attacks, Super Combos and Ultra Combos
• Take your game to the next level with a MFi controller like the Gamevice (MFi controllers do not work in menus, they fully function in multiplayer and single-player gameplay.)
• Battle head-to-head against players from around the world via Wifi
• Single player “arcade” and multiplayer modes.
• Unleash super moves with a tap of the “SP” button.
• Four levels of difficulty.

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    Varies with device

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  1. Asher 13.09.2017 in 08:12

    Hi my name is asher please can i get street fighter champion edition

    • ???? 22.10.2017 in 10:33


  2. Isaac 16.09.2017 in 09:42

    Where to get apk?

  3. DiehardfanofSF 12.10.2017 in 15:21

    Is this game coming out for android in December 2017 ? Reply,please.

  4. Kongvansal 24.10.2017 in 14:50

    Where to get game sf iv chapiom

  5. quay 25.11.2017 in 05:38

    Street fighter

  6. Ggf 21.12.2017 in 03:56

    Em que ano será lançado tem a data de lançamento do jogo


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