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STALKER Dead soul

Publish Date: September 20, 2016
Updated Date: September 20, 2016 in 1:13 pm
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STALKER Dead soul – On the night of April 26, 1986 the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power destroyed by the powerful heat of the explosion. radioactive dust picked up by the wind fell partly on the territory of the former Soviet Union has left pockets of radiation in Europe and even reached the shores of America. The consequences of the accident were so serious that the Soviet government was forced to conduct an emergency evacuation of nearby communities. The infected area within a radius of 30km from the station turned into strictly protected by the full exclusion zone. After the erection of concrete sarcophagus over the destroyed reactor of the Chernobyl resumed. Exclusion Zone has helped to create a huge complex of secret laboratories. June 10, 2006 Zone suddenly lit up with bright light. Many guards were killed instantly. What happened next no one knows …

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