Silent Gear

Silent Gear

Publish Date: April 28, 2016
Updated Date: April 29, 2016 in 6:36 am
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Silent Gear – an interactive game on the android, which takes you into the distant future of 2032. After another US economic downturn had lost control of the world and the title of superpower. Russia and China have joined forces and formed the Communist Party (NUCP). Capturing a large part of Asia and Europe, they have become a leading player on the world stage. Terrorists have also activated their powers by capturing the entire Middle East, and to balance the power and stop terrorist attacks, NATO has created additional force (AROC), which is engaged in the exploration and data transmission. The game’s story begins with the fact that you take control of this unit and will take serious decisions on which the fate of your team will depend. The game will delight you with a variety of mini-games, two fights that will require you to use all your strategic skills and multiple choice endings.

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