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Roaches Rush

Publish Date: August 8, 2016
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In recent years, the genre of time-killer takes a growing niche in the mobile devices. And frankly the developer increasingly repeated using similar or even the same type of ideas and approaches. But sometimes there are still quite original projects with completely new implementations.
So the creators of the game called Roaches Rush took as a basis the situation of life. In the story of the game you just say a person is not very secure, and even the poor, and besides, still and lonely. How did you get into such a deplorable situation, history is silent. No less pitiable looks, and you currently dinner consisting of a piece of bread, but as it turned out it should still win, because swarms of cockroaches that and look utaschat already modest food. Your task is to crush the insolent insects thus saving food, but remember that in a pile of cockroaches can get also quite doproporyadochnye ladybugs.

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