PewPew 2

PewPew 2

Publish Date: June 2, 2016
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PewPew 2 – a game that will be a boon to all lovers of fast and dynamic shooters, skroll- shooters and other action – arcade. In the second part of the classics of the genre made in the neon-style, minimalist sea levels and flame and fire give the game a special atmosphere. The sound is also matched to the style of the game Obey.

PewPew 2 – offers three difficulty levels and four different game modes. MegaGore is a sort of shooting gallery, shoot flying at you enemies. In Dodge this you have to collect all sorts of awards and dodge from attacking waves. Assault – is the most dynamic mode, in which you have to destroy hundreds of enemies flying at you. Well, the last Chromatic Conflic mode in which you have to get rid of enemy ships of a certain color.

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