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Download 4.4.2 APK

MyBible APK is the best of its kind and totally free program for reading the Bible online in many languages. Mybible leaves another software far behind to swallow the dust. Everyone who wants to just read the Bible, or those who wish to have this book at your fingertips – this program is for you.

MyBible APK Features:

  • Easy navigation (all 66 books of the Bible are reflected on a single page, with no need a long time to look for the right)
  • Ability to download various versions of the Bible both in many languages.
  • The ability to simultaneously open up to 3 windows in MyBible APK, where you can compare a variety of translations, or read simultaneously in several languages, or just at the same time to open different places in the Bible for comparison.
  • In addition, the dictionary window.
  • Setting the theme, colors, fonts.
  • Ability to search the entire book or parts of it.
  • Ability to copy / paste any set of poems.
  • The possibility to use strong numbers, tapping them twice (can be customized and one tap)
  • Following links with double tap (can be set to one tap)

And much more. There is inside information about MyBible APK, which describes all the tips for navigation and maximum use of the program. If you want to download MyBible APK for free, just press the Download button below and choose the source of downloading process. It is absolutely safe.


All available versions of MyBible

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