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Minecraft – Pocket Edition (Mod: Unlocked/Immortallity)

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Xap

The description

Minecraft – Pocket Edition – an Android game that impresses not with graphics, not with voice acting, but with its unique gameplay. Before you is a generated world of blocks with which you can do whatever your heart desires.

The game has two modes: Survival and Architect. In Survival mode, as in Architect mode, your task is construction, but it includes a number of difficulties. The player must survive in this uninhabited world, he needs to get food, weapons and build a roof over his head, because when the sun goes down over the horizon, various monsters begin to attack the player. So on the first day you need to build a dwelling, a small corridor out of the ground, and already wait the night there.

In Architect mode, there are no conventions and difficulties, the number of blocks is unlimited, so that you have complete freedom of creativity. All inventory in this mode is available by default, but most of it loses its purpose.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is perhaps the most popular Android game. It became popular due to its unusualness and freedom of action. You can download APK file with this game to your device on our website.

7 best Minecraft tips

  • If you are entering the game for the first time, then be sure to build your first home during the day. There are enemy mobs on the street at night
  • In the game, you can tame animals. For a horse, you need a saddle. Put it on and start driving until you have love
  • For ordinary animals, everything is simpler: just create a corral (fence) and lure them with food
  • When falling from a great height there is a life hack: pour water right before falling onto the lower block
  • Jump while running – so you will move faster. When running on slopes and stairs, the effect is enhanced. Moreover, when running on ice – you will be like a flash πŸ™‚
  • If you run other blocks above your head while jumping, your speed will increase even more. Try with ice under your feet
  • You can easily destroy sand or gravel by placing a candle under it.

First Day Survival Instructions

After Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK download, you need to master three types of activities: crafting, mining, and hunting.

In the pocket version, the crafting process is greatly simplified, despite the fact that this is probably the most interesting and exciting process in the game. When you open the inventory list on top, you can select the “Craft” tab. Before you open a list of items that you can create, and a description of the resources that you need for this. Crafted items instantly appear in your inventory.

One of the first items should be a workbench, which will greatly expand the possibilities of crafting. To create it, you need to get the wood (destroy the tree trunk), and then craft from it the board. From the boards you can create a workbench. Using it is simple: go to the workbench and tap on it, after which the crafting menu on the workbench opens. Install this item in your home so you can work at night. From the boards, in addition, you need to craft sticks. By connecting the stick and the board on the workbench, you can get the wooden pick you needed for the first time.


Extraction of resources will expand the possibilities of using your workbench. It is better to get them near the house. The simplest, but very important resource is stone. Usually it lies at a shallow depth underground. Coal deposits will also be a great success for you. From the same stone on the workbench, you will be able to create another important item – a stone stove, or, for example, a more wear-resistant stone pick.

Food will be necessary for you to replenish health, which is spent mainly in battles with zombies (well, with an unsuccessful construction process, of course). The easiest way to get food at the beginning of the game is hunting, although later on your garden will become this way. Hunting in Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK for Android is simple – wild animals will not even be afraid of you … until the first blow. If you have already received a pickaxe tool, it may be your first weapon. Find any animal in the area and kill him with a few pickaxes. Different types of animals will give you different resources.

For example, killing a cow will add meat and skin to your inventory list. From the first, you prepare a steak, and the second you can put on the creation of light armor. Killing a pig will replenish your food supply by two units of meat. The only resource you get after killing a sheep is wool. The resulting meat must be cooked in the oven. You can use the finished steak by selecting it in the inventory list and holding your finger anywhere on the screen for a few seconds. Other hunting trophies are used for different needs. For example, sheep’s wool combined with planks when processed on a workbench will give you a bed on which you can spend the night.

These are the main points you need to know before downloading Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK. Further, it all depends on you – experiment with resources and tools, build new houses and fight for your survival. Good luck!

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