Publish Date: April 5, 2016
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Maxthon Mobile APK – mobile version of Maxthon Browser.

Maxthon Mobile APK interface is designed in shades of blue, which is a nice complement the stylish white icons that were drawn carefully. Below the control panel, the main place on the screen takes a page that you have opened, just above the address bar, even higher line with bookmarks. It is there, and the icon to quickly open a new tab.

When you open a new tab in Maxthon Mobile APK, you see the speed dial screen, which you can customize to your liking by filling most charecteristic sites. In addition, we note theme bookmarks with pleasant possibility of including visual tabs, as implemented in the desktop version of Opera. You’ll see thumbnail previews, screenshots of pages that scroll with your finger. With a large number of tabs it substantially simplifies navigation.

Pleasantly surprised by the speed of Maxthon Mobile APK. Maxthon very smartly opens all sites, well customize the text to fit the screen size. But the surprise is that it possible to learn page using multitouch technology or double-tap. By default zoom buttons are disabled, but they can be activated in the settings. You will see semi-transparent icons with plus and minus button. Maxthon Mobile APK supports the management of gestures. From time to time he gave us through tooltips tells about it, drawing a gesture and explaining what it means. However, the possibility of setting own gestures was also included.

Self-other, Maxthon Mobile is able to save passwords, and manage your WAP bookmarks. But, most importantly, Maxthon Mobile APK is able to synchronize with own servers if you have registered in their service account. It turns out that something in the manner of Opera. The desktop and mobile browser – all will be as identical. There is also a nice download manager. With it, it is convenient to control and easy navigate the downloaded files. Maxthon Mobile APK is the first browser on the Android with RSS widget. Don’t forget that Maxthon Mobile APK can downloaded absolutely for free from this page. We check every application on viruses so you can be sure that it is safe on 100%.

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