DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver

Publish Date: March 30, 2016
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DU Battery Saver & Widgets (DX Battery Booster-Power Saver) – prolongs battery life on a single charge

A smart approach for the control of your battery. Smart and healthy battery. This direct and basic functions of DX Battery Booster. Features of the unique, simple and easy to use interface and of course, great battery monitoring system and, according to the author, the analogues in many ways inferior to him.

DU Battery Saver APK has three main modes – preset, energy saving, main sleep mode that can be activated automatically, if you want it. So as you can add your rehearse, with its own unique settings. Modes can be switched automatically as the battery status and period of time, or manually with a widget on your desktop. So if there a widget for quick memory cleaning (DX Home users know what it is), that is, the program unloads all memory background applications than increase the stability and prolong battery life. Program so as to automatically control the frequency of the processor (only ROOT), when the phone is locked or asleep. This program charms do not end there.

DU Battery Saver APK is still very high quality watches charge your phone, but of course, not without your participation. The charge will occur in three phases, a fast, full and smooth. But not always, only when the battery is discharged below 20%. DU Battery Saver APK also includes a system monitor that will show you the programs and processes that take away precious charge. DU Battery Saver APK offers beautiful and practical power control widgets that only decorates your phone and will make working with it even nicer.

Don’t forget that DU Battery Saver APK can downloaded absolutely for free from this page. We check every application on viruses so you can be sure that it is safe on 100%.


DU Battery Saver has not yet been released. File downloads will be available after app comes out.

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