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Publish Date: March 30, 2016
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Dr.Web Security Space APK – a test version of the famous anti-virus for Android-communicators. Dr.Web for Android scans all programs and files in the smartphone memory and expandable memory card by placing malicious objects to quarantine. Dr.Web Security Space checking takes place both in automatic and manual mode, with those in the manual mode, you can carry out a quick scan, full and custom. Antivirus is also able to scan files in archives.

The new version of Dr. Web Security Space 10 is the last year’s anti-virus version, but with a modified graphical user interface. Normal appearance Dr. Web course is greatly missed, but not to the same extent that the developers decided nothing more to improve except the interface.

In general, Dr. Web Security Space is good anti-virus, not the best, but good. The only thing it lacks much, it is a separate unit to combat keyloggers, and all the rest at: signature-based detection, Web antivirus, firewall. Proactive protection, though peculiar, but it is, and you can readjust it so that it still will handicap automatic HIPS.

Feel free to download Dr.Web Security Space APK application of the latest version on your device fo free. Just press Download button and the installation will be held automatically.


Dr.Web Security Space has not yet been released. File downloads will be available after app comes out.

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