Crime City Tycoon

Crime City Tycoon

Publish Date: July 30, 2016
Updated Date: July 30, 2016 in 12:02 pm
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Crime City Tycoon – clicker game on android, where you will play the role of leader of a criminal gang, which afford grab all the power in the city. Expand your power in the city and capture new territories, as well as compete with local bandits, engaging with them in an irreconcilable war. Get to illegal business, which will bring you a lot of profit and power. Sell weapons and drugs, as well as casinos and clubs open. Get great profits from their businesses and bribe the police and competitors that may interfere with you to develop your business. Take into gang new members of the criminal world and increase their power. Take control of the entire city and take part in battles for power.

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