Chimpact Run (Pay Once No IAP)

Chimpact Run (Pay Once No-IAP)

Publish Date: August 3, 2016
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A series of fascinating arcades under the title Chimpact throughout his story tells of the adventures of a funny chimpanzee, nicknamed Chuck. In turn, each new game was presented in a new direction, this platformer, and jumper, and a horizontal runner. This hallmark of the series, in addition to the main character, was the great graphics, and this cartoon is not a solution, as well-researched approach.
Chimpact Run (Pay Once No-IAP) – a continuation of the series, which combines all the best and brightest from the previous installments. This time our hero to go on a long journey through 7 unique worlds, passing that you will get a true pleasure and proof of this can be a million downloads of the game.

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