Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

Publish Date: March 30, 2016
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Battery Doctor APK is a professional application for battery control and the best free app for the energy savings that can extend battery life

Battery Doctor APK Features:

  • Accurately estimates remaining battery time
  • Task Killer – off applications that consume the greatest amount of energy is not in use
  • A unique three-stage cycle to improve the battery life
  • Widgets that improve battery performance
  • Battery Doctor APK accelerates the operation of the device
  • Battery Doctor APK shows how much will increase battery life when disconnected Bluetooth / WiFi and other functions
  • Provides information about the device and estimates remaining battery time

Battery Doctor APK Reports how long the device will operate under different conditions (using WiFi, using games, etc.). Battery Doctor APK does everything you need for your battery, ranging from tips for charging (when to charge, and more importantly, when not to charge), to the more advanced features to extend battery life, such as turning off unneeded applications and programs that waste energy, and a unique three-stage charging system. Battery Doctor effectively protects your battery and easy to use.

Battery Doctor APK adjusts the charging device using a three-step system that helps you to make sure to obtain optimum results from the charging and reminds you not to recharge the device. It also includes features for tracking and management of energy consumption. Task Killer – optimizes power consumption of your device. 4×1 widget will help you to better manage Wifi, Data, brightness and other functions, and set the power saving mode.

You may be sure that all provided content and links to download Battery Doctor APK application are 100% free and safe from viruses.

Battery Doctor has not yet been released. File downloads will be available after app comes out.

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