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The description

Akinator VIP is a mobile version of a cool online game that appeared in 2007. Gamers will interact with the genie Akinator, who loves guessing people who are puzzled by the player. It makes no difference whether they really existed / existent or fictitious, from films, books and so on. It is enough for the character to ask 40 questions that must be answered correctly to find out who is hiding in the shadows. Well, in this version for fun added the so-called Aki-prizes. Having received them, it will be possible to open new horizons for an interesting pastime with a cunning interlocutor.

Akinator VIP is an entertaining application in which Gene will guess characters of films, musicians, famous personalities, heroes of games and books, according to criteria known throughout the world. Jin will build a chain of questions, and users will help him guess the hero or character that you guessed. This works on a very simple but fascinating principle. The player takes an existing (fictional) character and begins to answer the questions that Jin asks him. It’s best to answer honestly, but even if you confuse our blue friend, he can still give the right answer.

Questions can be very different, ranging from gender, approximate age, occupation and other things. If the question has led you to a dead end, you do not need to answer it, giving the wrong answer, it is best to skip and go to the next question. The game has been around for a long time, it learns and remembers the answers of users, thereby allowing Gene to guess more and more complex and little-known personalities. The game is suitable for both adults and children, it perfectly entertains and gives unforgettable first emotions and impressions. You might want to circle Gene around your finger, or maybe he can outwit you and still guess the fictional character (creature).

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Updated 11.06.2020
Category Android
Latest Version 8.1.7e
Publish Date 29.05.2020
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