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Pokémon Go

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Download Pokémon Go 0.101.1
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Pokémon Go — multiplayer role-playing computer game augmented reality from the Pokémon. Developed by Niantic. Feature Pokémon Go is the overlay of virtual images on the image of the real world. Players are encouraged to travel the streets to search for and hunt pokemon, get out of the house and interact with other players. Thereby overcome the common problems of youth: a sedentary lifestyle and anti-social behaviour in the real world. Spread model free-to-play, the game supports custom, but optional in-app purchases. The game has all pokemon of the first generation, primary among them: Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander.

Popular problems with the Pokemon Go

  • Error our servers are overwhelmed by your incredible response
    Error “Our servers are humbled by your incredible response. We are working to resolve the issue”: most Often in the evening – this means that the game server is overloaded. Solution: try periodically to reenter or wait for next day.
  • GPS signal not found / infinite loading when you login
    Error: 1. When you enter the game, at the top there is a red inscription “Gps signal not found.”
    2. Endlessly spinning white pokebol clicking Sign up with GoogleSolution: need to fully update Google Play services including the map and everything is there! the problem should be resolved.
    If it doesn’t, login using account Pokemon…
  • Quickly drains the battery
    Problem: smartphone or tablet quickly drains the battery and/or the apparatus is strongly heatedSolution:
    1. Enable the option “Battery saver” in the settings of the games. It is 100% efficient for AMOLED displays because it paints a pixel black when the phone is flipped over face down. When this option is enabled and display is not locked, the game considers the distance traveled, the notification about the found pokemon.
    2. It is also recommended to disable sounds and music, which also consume power.
    3. Reduce the brightness of the screen
    4. If you have a good 3G, but there is a normal 2G (EDGE, GPRS), you can try to use it forcibly.
  • Camera mode works, but the pokemon in it
    Problem: the Symptoms: the camera mode works, but the pokemon in it.Solution: in the absence of the device gyroscope to use the AR (augmented reality or catching of pokémon with the camera) is impossible. The suggestion to turn off AR
  • An empty map or failed to detect the place
    Solution: Go to phone settings > developer tools >
    uncheck “use mock locations”. Ready.
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    Google Play

  • Min requirements:

    Varies with device

All available versions of Pokémon Go
Download Pokémon Go 0.101.1
File size: 92.88 Mb
Version: 0.101.1
Download Pokémon Go 0.95.3
File size: 87.36 Mb
Version: 0.95.3
Download Pokémon Go 0.89.1
File size: 89.55 Mb
Version: 0.89.1
Download Pokémon Go 0.69.1
File size: 97 MB
Version: 0.69.1
Download Pokémon Go 0.63.4
File size: 85.93 MB
Version: 0.63.4
Download Pokémon Go 0.43.3
File size: 87 MB
Version: 0.43.3
Download Pokémon Go 0.41.4
File size: 76.9 MB
Version: 0.41.4
Download Pokémon Go 0.41.3
File size: 76.9 MB
Version: 0.41.3
Download Pokémon Go 0.41.2
File size: 76.9 MB
Version: 0.41.2
Download Pokémon Go 0.39.1
File size: 76.4 MB
Version: 0.39.1
Download Pokémon Go 0.39.0
File size: 76.4 MB
Version: 0.39.0
Download Pokémon Go 0.37.1
File size: 76.8 MB
Version: 0.37.1
Download Pokémon Go 0.37.0
File size: 77 MB
Version: 0.37.0
Download Pokémon Go 0.35.0
File size: 63 MB
Version: 0.35.0
Download Pokémon Go 0.33.0
File size: 64 MB
Version: 0.33.0
Download Pokémon Go 0.31.0
File size: 62 MB
Version: 0.31.0
Download Pokémon Go 0.29.3
File size: 60 MB
Version: 0.29.3
Download Pokémon Go 0.29.2
File size: 60 MB
Version: 0.29.2
Download Pokémon Go 0.29.0
File size: 58 MB
Version: 0.29.0
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    Help to fix the error “onboard_avatar_already_set” on Pokemon go?

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      Версия андроид посмотри ,миниму для установки 4.4

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